the 6o billion scandal
The 60 billion corruption scandal of ruling communist party MPP of Mongolia.

As a witness of the case now publicly known as the “60 billion case”, it is necessary for me to inform the public about it. Hence, I am operating this website to bring you true news, information, proof pertinent to this issue. Please accept my forewarning before false news, information, slandering and gossip take over. I really believe that you will see this issue from the proper perspective, without politicizing.   

I also find it proper to correct the false information broadcasted by some press media and official letters that I am a political worker affiliated with a political party. Please note that the information broadcasted via this website, does not and will not contain false information or any promotional elements that violate the provisions of the Law on Elections by slandering or insulting others.


Dorjzodov Ganbold, Citizen of Mongolia, 12th of June, 2017

Listen the 60 billion meeting's audio